Down Payment Loans

There are two types of Down Payment Loans. The first is a county assisted down payment loan and the second is a private down payment loan. Both can help you acquire the necessary down payment to purchase a home without using your capital.

There are two types of Down Payment Loans:

County Assisted Programs

  • Counties throughout offer assistance to first time home buyers who do not have their down payment saved
  • There are maximum income requirements that you must meet
  • There are minimum credit requirements you must meet
  • Ocean Lending is a Certified CalHFA Down Payment assistance lender and can help you through the process. GET STARTED HERE

Private Down Payment Loans

  • Private Down Payment loans are made through a private lender
  • There is a minimum credit score requirement of: 680
  • There are no income requirements
  • There is a limit of $300,000 and the amount you qualify for is solely based off your credit report
  • Ocean Lending is connected with Private Down Payment Lenders and can help you through the process. GET STARTED HERE 

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