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Why Ocean Lending is Better Than The Next Guy

Connected Direct Lender

Ocean Lending is a Direct Lender and Banker that has established relationships with over 30 other banks. Which allows us to find the best loan for your situation.

Relaxed Credit Requirements

Credit isn’t the only thing we look at, things happen, we get that; we want to hear your story. That is why we lend to as low as a 500 FICO and don’t let credit act as the only determining factor.

Innovative Income Analysis

Nowadays their is no “standard” income. So why would a lender use a “standard” calculation? It doesn’t make sense to us either. That is why we take an innovative approach to determining your income; this allows us to help you qualify for more than you would with a traditional lender.

Quick Closing

Need to close quick? We have options that can help you close in as little as 48 hours. Even our traditional loans can help you close in less than 30 days!

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Recent Client Refinances

Adam G.

“I have had a couple of mortgages and a few refinances and this was by far the easiest and fastest experience I have had thus far.  Dan and his crew returned my calls quickly and answered my questions knowledgeably.  I had a cash out refi completed and a check in my hand very quickly.  Now onto that kitchen remodel….”

Kevin B.

“These folks are outstanding! I had an extremely complex situation. I tried with 4 different lenders before them, (and 10 months through 2016) to get refinanced in a rush to catch the low rates before they increased. All 4 lenders gave up on me and would not return my calls. Finally I stumbled upon James Edwards and his team at Ocean Lending, and despite the complex situation, they said they’ve had worse. I had my doubts. They ended up pushing through the maze and made it happen in less then 60 days, we are now finally re-financed and we were able to catch the good rates.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of our FAQ pages for some insightful info on how you really can qualify to refinance, no matter your situation!

Can I Refinance With Bad Credit?

Can I Refinance to Pay Off Debt?

Can I Refinance With A Recent Bankruptcy?

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