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Pudge Erskine

Loan Officer / NMLS# 1289933
Cell Phone: (818) 601-1926 Work Phone: 760-424-5720


Born in Los Angeles California, Pudge Erskine is a Navy and Army Veteran. Over 10 years ago he learned how a Reverse Mortgage could help him (Yes, he has a Reverse Mortgage) and has dedicated the last 10 years of his life helping others to stay in their homes.

“A Reverse Mortgage is the best thing I ever did! No more monthly mortgage payment, I only pay taxes, insurance, and maintenance, and I was able to pay off my debt.” -Pudge Erskine

After doing it for himself and learning about the high number of retirees (like himself) that did not have adequate savings to retire, Pudge not only got his Mortgage license, but he has been able to help over 55 Seniors through the Reverse Mortgage process.

Pudge has also earned classification as a CRMP (Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional). At the time there were only 85 other CRMP, in the state of California. Pudge will turn 78 years old this year, and he loves working with seniors to help gain control of their life through a Reverse Mortgage.