Hard Money Loans have the most relaxed income, credit, and capacity requirements when compared to any other type of home loan on the market. They are extremely beneficial for borrowers who cannot find alternate financing.

When is a Hard Money Loan useful?

Behind Payments

If you have missed a few payments due to some external difficulties, Hard Money loans are great options to help you get current and into a better situation.

Quick Closing

Traditional loans take anywhere from 30-60 days to close. With Hard Money loans you can close as quick as 7 days.

Fix & Flips

If you are trying to obtain financing greater than $765,600 – private loans are a great option as they are not regulated with loan limits!

No Credit Required

Private Portfolio lenders do not follow the same regulations as Conventional or FHA lenders. This is why they are able to help borrowers ONE DAY out of a major credit event as low as a 500 FICO.

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