Jumbo Loans were created to allow conventional home buyers or homeowners to go above the industry regulated loan limits. Jumbo Loans help finance borrowers that require loans greater than their county’s loan limits.

When Should I Consider a Jumbo Loan?

Above Loan Limit

A Jumbo loan is a great option to allow you to purchase or refinance with a loan that is above your county’s loan limits.

Excellent Credit

Jumbo Loans are similar to Conventional loans, in that they require a better credit score to qualify.

Down Payment / Equity

Jumbo Loans generally require at least 10% down. Because these are sizable loans, that can be a large amount. If you are looking to refinance a minimum of 20% equity must be established.

No Mortgage Insurance

Jumbo Loans with at least 10% down do not require mortgage insurance from the lender.

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