Private Portfolio Home loans have more relaxed income and credit requirements when compared to Conventional or FHA loans and they help borrowers purchase or refinance in the super jumbo market as they are not regulated with loan limits.

When is a Private Portfolio Loan best?

A private portfolio loan has several uses and can help a variety of different borrowers. They are ideal for self-employed borrowers who show their income in nontraditional ways; or if you have had a serious credit event such as a Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, or Short Sale. They can help you as soon as ONE day after that event, and they can even help borrowers with FICO’s as low as 500! Private Portfolio loans do not have loan limit regulations such as Conventional or FHA loans, which allow borrowers to purchase or refinance super jumbo loans.

Self Employed Income – OK

Private Portfolio loans are great for borrowers with unique income. Especially self-employed borrowers who show the majority of income on bank statements.

Make Sense Lending

Private loans have much more relaxed guidelines, allowing us to qualify borrowers who may not have qualified for other traditional loans in the past. If you think your loan makes sense, chances are we do too.

No Loan Limits

If you are trying to obtain financing greater than $765,600 – private loans are a great option as they are not regulated with loan limits!

Major Credit Events – OK

Private Portfolio lenders do not follow the same regulations as Conventional or FHA lenders. This is why they are able to help borrowers ONE DAY out of a major credit event as low as a 500 FICO.

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